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Save A Cone. Save Yourself. Be Mindful.

Save A Cone. Save Yourself. Be Mindful.

Matt Diss • March 6, 2015 • Art • 

Save a cone. Save Yourself. Be Mindful. - ALOC Media in Boulder, CO

Cleanse the air

She got out of the car and proceeded to cuss out a big orange cone. Yes, a big, orange, non-living, non-combative construction cone.

When she pulled up to the parking garage, it lay to the right of the entrance. Apparently its place in time and space, combined with the self-induced stresses of her life, made this pivotal moment the boiling point for this poor woman. The cone went flying, she made it her “bitch,” held up traffic, and in all honesty, made a royal fool of herself. I genuinely felt compassion, but I couldn’t do much from my viewpoint.

I am never surprised when I see someone, whether metaphorically or literally, pulling out their hair on any given day in society. We work long hours, get stuck in traffic, have financial troubles, and answer to the slew of whatever else gets in our way. Fortunately, we usually create this suffering on our own, a fact we all internalize and understand, but rarely answer to.

While the concept seems cliche (and it is), the truth of the matter- we all just need to be more mindful.

I understand that the word ‘mindful’, or ‘mindfulness’ gets tossed around quite freely in our contemporary climates, filled with stereotypical vegans and amped up, overly ‘enlightened’ gurus, but like many cliches, they are paradoxically true. Beneath the headdresses of confused impostors and the clouded words of pretentious, self-righteous hipsters, are invaluably true ideas.

It’s the concept of becoming aware, being honest, looking within, and seeing the MUCH larger picture that is life.

Indeed, our lives are busy, and we have too many things to do in the spare time of our waking hours. Of course it gets harder, and the work never ends, but this is our life, and really, it’s pretty damn sweet. You just have to find a way to rediscover its beauty again. It has always been there, despite going unnoticed.

ALOC Media - Save A Cone. Save Yourself. Be Mindful. in Boulder, CO

See the World

Sitting down and taking a deep breath goes a long way. Δ

You really don’t need to know ‘how to do it’. While some might suggest a plethora of meditation techniques, Pranayama, yoga, and whatever else (all which I too would suggest), the reality is, just sit. And slow it all down.

Taking 15 minutes out of your day to stop. Could make all the difference. Quiet your mind and soften your movement. Listen to your thoughts and watch how they flow: in and out, unceasing, no birth place. Reflect on what you are doing, your intentions, and how you treat yourself and others. Listen to your long forgotten heart beat, and enjoy the sound of silence once again (this time without Simon and Garfunkel). ∞

Find a time of unborn awareness, existing before the ‘I’. Or maybe recall the wholesome advice – “Be Here Now”, as you rest in the nature of Alayah, the essence, the present moment. Be surprised to remember that your a humanitarian, filled with reason and compassion. Be amazed at how much happiness can be found right in front of you.

When we stop for a moment we can see the world as it is. The trees always living, subtly moving without our sense. The wind still blowing, and smiles still blooming. And when we can look at the world from the eyes of reason and mindfulness, you see it clearly again. You’re really not that mad. It’s really not that bad.

Sometimes we just have to stop, to find ourselves, to be reminded how small we are, and to discover that despite it all, the cars, the noise, the responsibility, is our life. A miraculous one. An absurd commodity.

Be mindful.

And please… stop throwing cones, your gonna hurt yourself.



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  1. I think if you’re going to throw orange cones, you should at least be happy while doing it.

  2. I truly enjoyed this article and will post it in my office for all the many times I just want to throw the cone. A special man wrote this article and I am proud of the wisdom he has shared. I used to say – for every meeting I face, or each day I awake, I would find one thing I didn’t know before. Now I need to save a cone- and SAVE MYSELF>

  3. Great article Matt. Hope to see you soon buddy!

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed your story and I fully agree with all of the essential points.

    Throwing a cone certainly beats full-blown road rage, doesn’t it?


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