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KMG Life Inc.: More Than A Recording Studio

KMG Life Inc.: More Than A Recording Studio

Wesley Adams • April 17, 2016 • Art •

A rich and diverse community of artists and businesses working together in harmony, hands held across the city, in the setting sun, complete with acoustic guitars and doves flying freely. It’s a picture-perfect scene being painted by many-a-Boulderite, but is a bit wistful at times.

There are, however, genuine instances of our community’s artistic fabric being enriched. KMG Life Incorporated is a new-to-Boulder organization that is doing just that, by not only contributing their own patches to the community’s artistic quilt, but by also helping others to do the same.

I took a trip down to KMG to tour their newly acquired 12,000 square feet of space, and to speak with Greg Kimble, Owner-Operator of KMG Life Inc., about what they plan to bring to Boulder’s music culture. Relocated from Denver in December 2015, the company changed more than just their address.


A comfortable lounge to be received in.

KMG now offers an immaculate event space for live performances that includes a sharply-equipped upstairs VIP space, and a variety of recording rooms that accord to any mood or need. Furthermore, artists who come to record with KMG can expect to receive more than just a high-quality track recorded, or a great stage to play on.

They’re ready to help with mixing, mastering, beat production, artist development and even songwriting. Once a sharp and refined product is ready for market, KMG is there to assist with promotions and publicity as well.

As Kimble and the KMG team collectively and affectionately put it: “We’re more than a recording studio. KMG is a lifestyle company.”


KMG’s Event Space.

Thorough and holistic in their approach, it’s hard not to at least consider this dedicated team when shopping the many markets they address. And you haven’t even heard the best part yet. Later this year KMG will execute the next step in their model: free recordings. Yes, that’s correct, free. And seemingly with no strings attached. It’s a sensible response to today’s basement-ran industry of independent sound engineers offering their quality work and quality equipment, in exchange for nothing more than the increased experience and notoriety.

The road that got Kimble and his team where they are today has been an arduous one. From seemingly endless stretches of no business, to months spent in Barnes & Noble having daily group study sessions, are times they all look back on fondly now. A large chunk of the team at KMG have been through that thick of the company’s development, setting the deep roots needed for the sort of service they strive to provide.


Fresh baked cookies for every session.

Through critiquing every corner of their internal process, remaining flexible in the way they define their goals and skill sets, and injecting first-hand experiences as artists into what they do, this lifestyle company is taking a turn toward a clearer path. A sound balance of years in the industry and a Tabula rasa-esque mindset are serving them well.

“Anyone can buy good gear,” says Kimble. “We try to give people an environment where they can be themselves.” And that wouldn’t be possible without the sincere commitment of the entire KMG team.


Studio B, of KMG, is a room built and formerly used by Sony. Rumor has it that this is the room where Sony thought up the Compact Disc.

Lastly, but championing their impressive list of developments for this coming year, will be to further progress the KMG Academy. The year-long hands-on apprenticeship called “RAAB” (Recording Arts And Business) will be held at the studio and will have sound-engineer students work with a variety of artists and professionals. The company’s primary focus will be meeting the required credentials to be able to certify their graduates. These requirements should be met sometime next year.

From the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed rookie to the seasoned professional, this organization is bringing something to the table for everyone. The varietal approach is a hinge of today’s successful business, and KMG Life Inc. is rolling with that trend. Sewing in their own set of patches to our community’s artistic quilt while networking, collaborating and educating so others can do the same.


Studio A, still under construction, will be KMG’s largest recording space, complete with a master control room that looks over a vocal booth, a separated guitar or drum room, and a well-endowed space for any size setup.

KMG Life Inc., 3063 Sterling Cir. #5, Boulder, CO 80301

KMG-Life Inc.


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  1. So awesome!! Great article!

    • Thank you, Ashley!

  2. Wow !! Very impressive. You can recognize a true artist when they’re not only willing, but want to share their knowledge & the tools they have learned to work with. What a great opportunity for those wanting to break into this field. No doubt this will be a unique & successful experience.


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