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       Scott Rowland, Operations Manager/Founder, is an insightful man with subtle speech and boisterous intentions. Known for his knack of writing, a harmony with music, and an eye for menacing new art, Scott writes endlessly to support, encourage, and ∃mbody the things that he loves. His passionate commitment to the advancement of knowledgeable communities through efforts to exemplify well founded dignity and respect for mother nature, make his perspectives uplifting. Scott serves as a wealthy bank of meaningful concepts about life and all its absurd misunderstandings. If your looking for a relaxing day of little words and lots of explosions, this is your man.  ∴


       Matt Diss, Creative Director/Founder, has dedicated his life to understanding the plight of an educator, and spinning its intricacy to benefit not only himself, but also his fellow life-long students. He engages every situation whole-heartedly with the stability of  a seasoned warrior.  As the concept designer, his vision of detailing momentary experiences of enlightening proportions to touch the lives of readers in unexpected uproars, of usually subtle emotions, is humbling to say the least. “This is a community venture! Why not connect otherwise distant professionals while they wade in a fever of novelty?” Matt is so proactive, there is no part of ALOC that has not been reviewed to ensure positive physical and metaphysical reinforcement. There is no doubt, Matt Diss is the best base jumper the world has never seen.. Δ

       Wes Adams, Manager, has a creative mind with sound intentions. His unsung ability to connect with new people and create lasting relationships with friends, family and clients has made him an essential asset  to community networking in any realm. His passion for writing and ability to intimately connect with the intrinsic allows him to express meaningful ideas that unfold with elegant purpose. Wes’ tenacity and drive to complete any task translates into passion for life and details his unwavering  force to discover the next epic adventure. ∇


              Ni© Bogdal, Graphic Artist/Designer, is undoubtedly the most practical and creative addition to ALOC’s visual aesthetic.  Nic holds an intimate connection with the arts and meticulous attention to detail, generating  an elegant twist on modern design, and establishing himself as a genuine commodity in the professional realm. His unbound ability to have fun with everything he does allows him the expanse of art, which flowers a love in his life that constantly pushes him toward the next enticing depiction. AND…He is also really into Phish… ♦


              Gabrielle DeCristofarø, Editor, has a keen mind for the literary arts. Thoroughly versed in the journalistic standards of today’s blogging communities, Gabrielle has been an essential part of ALOC’s initial and continual development. She is passionate about and well-trained in American poetry and Southern literature. Her sharp wit, love for the performing arts and strong sense of respect for herself and the world around her, permeates through all that she does… most especially her work∗


               Matt Clifford, an Alumni of Jack Kerouac’s school of disembodied poetics, has a prowess for linguistics that career writers strive for. His ability to navigate the english language and string together fluent syntax with relevant, political implication is awe-inspiring. You can find him schooling poetry open mic sessions during the week and upholding the anti-authoritarian premise of his punk project, Black Market Translation, on the weekends. Listen up Colorado! Cliff will lead you to the edge of intellect and keep your mind drooling for the next proverbial punch.