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The Great Perhaps Performance Collective “My Days with D”

The Great Perhaps Performance Collective “My Days with D”

Ashley Petersen • August 21, 2017 • 2017 Boulder International Fringe Festival • 

The opposite of depression is not happiness, but vitality. Kate Moore gives a stunning rendition of this entire ideal. When you walk into the scene the theater is pitch black, and you are immediately engrossed in a world of darkness.

Photo by Matt Diss

As the house lights brighten, your eyes are greeted with a minimal set of a stark white bed and a lone chair. Emotions are immediately on overload as Kate is in a heated discussion with a life-size faceless doll sitting her opposite. Rewind three years and we begin our journey with the phenomenal actress and her self discovery within. Ms. Moore has cleverly transformed the demons within by making them an actual human entity she carries around on her back and does day-to-day events with. The addition of the video clips are pure genius. One moment you are happily out on the town or doing everything you can to lead a happy healthy lifestyle, and slowly but surely they morph into something distorted and chaotic. They encapsulate the inner turmoil of an individual on this lonely path struggling to create daily lives outside of the sanctity of their cozy bubbles.

Photo by Matt Diss

The way in which this actress completely throws herself into this performance is mesmerizing. She commits to every movement and every emotion with mind, body and soul. Upon speaking with Kate after the performance I asked her why she had decided to deem her demons her best friend? As she chuckles she explains that since this will always be a part of her, why not show the world what it would be like to go on a date with D, or go to the gym with D. She elegantly masters a beautiful performance encasing that you may have to lose a few a few battles to win the war within. Cheers to a must see heartfelt performance.

You can experience “My Days with D” at the Community Dance Collective (CDC)

Boulder Fringe CDC  The Great Perhaps Performance Collective Facebook


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