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The Shine Sisters Serve Conscious Ideology

The Shine Sisters Serve Conscious Ideology

Matt Diss. • February 24, 2016 • Lifestyle • 

Amongst the multitude of trendy eateries streamlined along Pearl Street stands the Holy Grail of delicious delicatessens, the most savory of spices and the hippest of hip eco-friendly shrines: Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place. This well-known, nationally renowned, gluten-free eatery, brewery, community space and “all-other-things-special” has birthed and grown into an authentic staple of Boulder’s health-conscious and artistically-unique culture. While this is all to be dined, never dwarfed, drank and heavily indulged, (and I do mean heavily indulged) the greatest tale to be unveiled lays in the hearts and intentions of the entrepreneurial savvy  “Blissful Sisters”, Jessica, Jill and Jennifer Emich, who are nourishing Boulder business, lifestyle and community from, literally, the inside out.

Owl Eyes, Shine Original Potion

Owl Eyes, Shine Original Potion

With the start of this story blossoming nearly 20 years ago, the three sisters have acquired a wealth of success here in Boulder. Trilogy, the former wine bar located in the heart of downtown, was just the start of their entrepreneurial legacy. While Trilogy flourished in a vibrant local scene filled with live music, delicious wine and opportunity, there was more that the sisters wanted to fulfill. A successful catering business, Blissful Sisters, would follow, and after a much needed retreat to the mountains to reassess greatness, in 2011 Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place was conceived.

Shine, a now booming cultural Boulderite Mecca, serves as more than just an upscale dining hall but rather a family dwelling, a community venue, a yoga studio, an office meet-up and a launching point for young entrepreneurs, a venture that all three sisters support heavily. From the incredible artwork hung on the beetle pine interior to the built-in chakras visible from the main entrance way, its unique decor is conscious and contemporary; it’s an aesthetic that many businesses hope to establish, but rarely fulfill. With a seasonal menu featuring items like the famed beet hummus and homemade potions (a knee-jerker for any curious foodie) there is no match for the freshness and uniqueness of these exquisite dining options. Add in the family friendly environment, live music and knowledgeable staff, it’s no wonder that Shine has grown into the fanatical success that embodies the culture of Boulder.

Artwork by Android Jones

Artwork by Android Jones, featured in Shine’s Gathering Space

But what are the Emich’s doing differently to withstand the tests of a booming marketplace, and how are they surviving the fervent competition of, what national statistics note, is one of the most thriving entrepreneurial cities in the nation? No, it’s not the master’s degree in holistic medicine, or the culinary expertise cultivated over years of cooking and crafted enlightenment.  While it’s certainly a needed requirement, success stems from what Jill Emich describes as, “a simple model.”

“Pay it forward,” Jill says. “We treat our employees with respect, we greet our farmers at the door, we love our guests, and it seems that they share that energetic feeling that extends outwards, and definitely has an impact. What we put out in the world gets reflected back. This helps us feel more inspired within ourselves and to our family. Intuitively, we know whether what we are doing is right or wrong. It’s the time in the world when we all need to come together and support each other instead of feeling intimidated and competitive.”

So how does monetary success bloom from conscious ideology? The sister’s success appears to be bursting not only from their pocketbooks, but innately from their bloodline. It can be seen, quite conspicuously, between their relationships with one another, their employees and guests, and after learning more about the Emich family, it becomes clear that their inspiration comes from values that run deeper than contemporary fads and modern morals, seemingly popularized by Boulderites and Hipsters alike. These three women, as dominant as they may be in the marketplace of high-end dining and entrepreneurship, are spreading the word that good intentions, conscious ideology and “paying it forward” extend far beyond their paychecks.


Shine’s collection of homemade brews

Every part of the Emich’s creations have common themes that thread together an authenticity that is rarely enacted in modern business practice, and far less carried out for the duration of any business’s monetary growth.

“We’re all about collaboration, inspiration, sharing space and reflecting the world around you as an extension of yourself,” Jill states in her best description of Shine’s intention. “Shine is our life. We wanted to do it in a more conscious way that reflected our lifestyles. It is an extension of who we are. I have a deep connection with people, with my sisters and my family. I want to nourish people from the inside out, through the food and through our intentions. I’m blessed to be in this space here in Boulder, Colorado.”

So as the sisters creature-beast of goodwill and honest work continues, what will be next? For starters, a gluten-free, paleo cookbook titled Eat. Drink. Shine. Its release is expected in early April 2016 and will be be sold in the U.S., U.K and select locations in Europe. Also, their original potions will find their way to stores across the Front Range with a new bottling technique for large-scale distribution. AND NOW, the gathering space is being offered up for complimentary rental for business events during lunch hours throughout the work week (a commodity here in Boulder).


While the city and the local community want to see and feel the Emich’s continued success, what’s to last from this whole enticing ordeal of societal success? Good karma, better food, a truer foundation for a conscious lifestyle in Boulder, an established message that what we do actually does matter, and that a healthy heart makes a happy home, for everyone.

In the words of Jill Emich, “We all have the understanding of ‘my hero’s journey’ and I’m going to do it the best I can in every aspect of it.”

Photography by Matt Diss & Wesley Adams

Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place




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  1. Even though Shine is approx. 1,800 miles away & I’ve yet to see it in person, I feel like I have. I love the energy that comes across the internet, the real life experience is going to be amazing. I enjoyed the article, as well as the photos, that allow a visitor from far off, ‘feel’ the atmosphere. Love the Artwork by Android Jones. Amazing.


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