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Matt Diss • August 25, 2016 • Boulder Fringe Festival • 

THANKS AGAIN… and AGAIN!  seems a fitting title for a show so awkward, so absurd, and yet, so fearlessly satisfying.


Hip thrusts and fist pumps
Photo by Matt Diss

Close your eyes and picture a traditional church with stained-glass windows and large wooden arches; the altar in front where the pastor preaches. Soon the pristine silence is broken by the voice of The King of Rock and Roll, John Burrows. The LGBT flag hangs from stage left, just above Sunday’s organ keys. An American flag is dragged across the holiest of Christian values, while Corky Romano fist pumps, pelvic thrusts and middle fingers “Fuck You!” making the sequenced leotards, pinwheels and screaming red head eating Fruit Loops rather digestible. Satirical moments make bold yet silent statements about America and its people, posing relevant questions about gender roles and social contradictions that are just another day in the U.S.A.


THANKS AGAIN…AND AGAIN! pays tribute to Elvis
Photo by Matt Diss

Maybe Sheila Klein and Co. got lucky with the venue, or maybe these passionate and strong women just know how to rock the boat. Either way, I left feeling inspired, brave and thinking that maybe an all-female thespian group could influence me to watch more theatre. I recall thinking to myself during the performance how proud I would be if my daughter, partner, friend or colleague were to create such a striking performance.

If your not afraid of laughing, desecration, and Elvis Presley, I’d say this ones for you. Left with no more words I simply say “THANKS AGAIN and AGAIN!”


You can experience THANKS AGAIN… and AGAIN! at the Pine Street Church Sanctuary

Pine Street Church 2016 Boulder Fringe


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