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Under the Stars w/Brews & the Bard: As You Like It

Under the Stars w/Brews & the Bard: As You Like It

Scott Rowland • August 26, 2016 • Boulder Fringe Festival • 

Honestly, there are so many good things to say about Under the Stars w/ Brews & the Bard: As You Like It. I wish I had the words for all of them! The Band of Tough’s contemporary spin on Shakespeare’s As You Like It conjures a feeling of mesmerization I have yet to experience in a theater-like setting.


The Forest of Arden
Photo by Nic Bogdal

I was hooked from the get-go. The entrance was partitioned by a wall of shrubs that stretched to the black iron fence enclosing the staging areas (five, to be exact). The grandeur of the overgrown Highland building only furthers the Elizabethan Age feel so essential to a Shakespearean play. Everything about the setting at Highland City Club’s is perfect for Under the Stars.

The first scene laid the groundwork for the heroine, Rosalind, as she flees persecution while Orlando de Boys, Rosalind’s love-struck admirer, faces banishment from his home (along with the entire audience). A group walks around the building eventually settled as a gathering point in the Forest of Arden where Rosalind and Orlando cross paths. Merriment, puppetry, song and dance fill the air. There was marvelous revelry, poetry in the trees, death by 150 means, and the Band of Tough’s some how fit it all in. Even a four-couple marriage ceremony in the final scene! I’m still baffled by their ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Under the Stars with Brews and the Bard: As You Like It

Final Scene – The Marriage Ceremony
Photo by Nic Bogdal

Under the Stars w/ Brews & the Bard: As You Like It is the most professional and well-developed production I’ve seen at the Fringe this year. So much happens during those 90 minutes that I want to see it again for my own enjoyment. The Boulder Fringe is definitely holding up their end of the bargain with phenomenal performances like this one.





You can experience Under the Stars w/ Brews & the Bard: As You Like It  at Highland City Club

Highland City Club  2016 Boulder Fringe


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