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Something I Call Art

Something I Call Art

Matt Diss • March 1, 2015 • Art •

I never really learned how to paint, but this is what happened over the years. I started sketching as a kid and later became inspired by artists around me. We are all artists, everyone who has looked within and has something to feel is an artist. These are some new pieces which have no name, but sit on the wall in my bathroom gallery. (Everyone needs a bathroom gallery). Γ

ALOC Media Bohemian Art for Boulder CO's Matt Diss

Materials: Canvas panel, acrylic paint, spray paint, paint pen, fine tip pen assorted colors.

Matt Diss Bohemian profile for ALOC Media - Boulder, CO

Materials: Aluminum sheet metal, spray paint, custom cardstock stencil, paint pen.

∇ When I was young I had to go to church every Sunday (If my parents felt like it). I would take the donation envelopes from the seat in front of me and sketch during the sermon. I got a sketchpad eventually, then a thousand more, and filled them with some thoughts, a coping mechanism, a bored moment, an enthralling project etc… I still do it… 

Matt Diss - Face of Life Sketch for Bohemian Art Submission

Materials: Sketchpad, ball point pen, a plane ride to Colorado.

Matt Diss sketch for Bohemian Art Submission - ALOC Media

Materials: ball point pen, sketchpad, traveling spirit.

I created this waiting on a layover headed to Boston. I finished it on a roof patio when I arrived.

Collaborate when you can, with whoever you can.  Express to others your newest fascinations. Challenge yourself and inspire others. Grow, paint, and live in color. Share your Åτ with the world. We need it. ¤

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