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Rubix: 80s A Cappella Prom

Rubix: 80s A Cappella Prom

Wesley Adams • August 19, 2017 • Boulder Fringe Festival • 

Rubix: 80s A Capella Prom is a wicked time commemorating your high school graduation with a cappella-drenched style. Navigate streamers laced in fog to find yourself on the other side of a blast to the past. Rubix, the pop-group sensation, is bringing you all the best hits from your 80’s childhood, while the coolest kids in school are breaking it down on the dance floor. Chad, the class president, bobs to Benatar while Principal Bottomley keeps an eye out for fornication. It’s the Senior Prom of 1989, and you’ve just arrived to the party.


Rubix performs a capella
Photo by Wesley Adams

This performance immerses you in the art of its eighties-inspired creators with vibrant vocals, actors integrated in the audience and the decor to boot. Banners, balloons, videos of aerobics and fellow classmates talking up their best times in school, all inspire the sentiment of celebration and dance. You’ll hear all the fresh hits, from The Buggles “Video Killed the Radio Star” to Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello”. Whether it takes you back to your own Prom experience or not Rubix: 80s A Capella Prom will leave you wishing that you could claim the class of ’89 as your own.



Prom King & Queen Class of ’89
Photo by Wesley Adams

You can experience Rubix: 80s A Capella Prom at Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place

Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place Boulder Fringe 2016


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