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Objectivity Dance Theater

Objectivity Dance Theater

Brandon Antony • August 23, 2016 • Boulder Fringe Festival • 

The Fringe performance, Objectivity, engages the audience through the escapades of matter and play. Jennifer Aiken and Peter Davison take the stage as music, motion and magic begin to intertwine exquisite patterns, weaving together each humans’ experience. Movement artists, Jennifer and Peter, enact Objectivity through three acts: Baroque Diversions, Ragtime, and Ascent of the Muse, each presenting the audience with a certain ambiance and aesthetic, which moves narrations smoothly through the harmony and melody of dance enacted into play.


Jennifer Aiken and Peter Davison
Photo by Wesley Adams

The Sonatas of Scarlatti opens the performance within the Pine Street Church as classical music guides the two characters into rhythmic interplay. As the music engages and changes, so to must the characters of the Lady and Gentleman change, transforming center stage through the interaction and manipulation of objects. Theatre, juggling, and beautifully-timed choreography pace the audience through each act as the performance’s title, Objectivity, begins to take shape. A beautiful array of everyday objects, such as red balls, cloths, tea cups, ladders, tables and chairs, spring forth life as an understanding of process and action, bringing the audience to emotions only felt through motion and balance. Objectivity unfolds intimately as the last scene breaks and a sense of power shines forth through the use of objects, juxtaposed both by dependency and usefulness. The stage glowing and full of life as these two trained dancers light up the sanctuary with a gorgeous display of action and presence.


Objectivity Dance Theater at the Pine Street Church
Photo by Wesley Adams

The language of Objectivity compels one to look closely at our daily activities, either as a child understanding oneself or by the adult in crisis. Objectivity screams for us to pay attention to the everydayness, the Art of it All. It is the performance which grabs our attentions, delving deeper into authenticity and magic with such creative passion that one must walk away and wonder where the time had gone.





You can experience Objectivity Dance Theater at the Pine Street Church Sanctuary

Pine Street Church 2016 Boulder Fringe


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