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The Mysto Mysto Show

The Mysto Mysto Show

Jenn Zuko • August 25, 2016 • Boulder Fringe Festival • 

Those of you that know me personally know that I love watching Columbo. You know, that fantastic police procedural featuring the rumple-coated detective who disarms his 1970s murderers with low-status strategy? Well, my favorite episode has got to be “Now You See Him,” wherein Jack Cassidy plays a suave stage magician who kills his blackmailer while in the middle of a grand illusion. This episode is so fun, largely because of the cheesiness of the magic tricks they show. Obviously, Cassidy is an actor and not a magician, so when we clearly see The Great Santini place a scarf in Columbo’s pocket before “magically” pulling it out, we can be a forgiving audience. And when we might roll our eyes at the cheesiness of the thimble trick, or him pulling playing cards out of Columbo’s suit, we can suspend our disbelief.


Mysto the Magi
Photo by Wesley Adams

When I am told via postcard and website, however, that I have never had more fun than at this magic show, and that the magician in question has been in professional practice for 30+ years and has won awards, I am not likely to be such a forgiving audience when I witness clumsily performed tricks clearly taken from magic kits. When the person I attended The Mysto Mysto Show with could clearly see the playing cards clipped inside Mysto’s jacket, when Mysto dropped props to the floor left and right, stumbled over awkward patter, and when it’s like pulling teeth to get anyone from the tiny audience (in the hot, stuffy room) to join him onstage, and finally, when objects are clearly visible palmed in his hands, I find myself surreptitiously looking at my watch.

That sounds harsh, yes, I’ll admit it. But what I also noticed about Mysto’s show, though, is that a good number of people in the audience were enjoying themselves hugely. They were having a fantastic time, and were delighted by what they saw. So, you can chalk this review up to a jaded audience member if you so choose. However, this reviewer wasn’t pleased The Mysto Mysto Show based on what I experienced. 


You can experience The Mysto Mysto Show in the parlor of the First United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church 2016 Boulder Fringe


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