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Wesley Adams • August 25, 2016 • Boulder Fringe Festival • 

 Jon Fico masterfully delivers in MADE FOR EACH OTHER, an evocative story of two men, Vincent and Jerry, compassing the experience of loving one another. With the help of some charming inner monologues and memories, a quilt of unique connections are made between each of the roles, from the one-person cast of Fico.

What starts off as a playful endeavor for Vincent, a high school science teacher, quickly turns into something so much more when Jerry takes the plunge of proposing marriage. And as you get to know the deuteragonist crickets on each of their shoulders it becomes more and more clear how perfectly cluttered the situation is.


John Fico
Photo by Wesley Adams

While broaching the obvious subject of gay marriage, this piece dives deeper into the questions and concerns that percolate to the surface of two people finding themselves in each other. A perfectly digestible amount of subject matter. This, paired with precise pacing and obvious comfort in his performance, Fico eloquently pulls out a broad stroke of emotions from his audience.

This is a must-catch performance that follows through on every nook and cranny of what makes theatre great. I found myself immersed in this charming tale of the tragic beauty of life and love. Make sure to get out to this performance while you still can!

You can experience MADE FOR EACH OTHER in the parlor of the First United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church 2016 Boulder Fringe


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