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Kendall Perry: Destiny is Now

Matt Diss • September 18, 2015 • Art • 

Like smelling lilac in spring and glimpsing the reflection of moonlight in water. This is what falling in love sounds like: vibrations that envelop you in beauty—beyond time and words, where shadows meet the light. When arid logic fails to capture fully the ever-changing story of the heart, there is music to give it voice: A story of tenderness. Of impermanence. Of surrender in the face of the irresistible simplicity and infinite expanse of each moment. This is DESTIN∆T∆.

                                                                                                                   -Kendall Perry

Destinata performs at Boulder's The Fringe Festival 2015 - Production by Kendall Perry

Destinata sunset

While the vast majority of us will spend eternity searching for creativity, and conceiving and admiring art, as we merely unveil a morsel of its vague and undiscerned nature, Kendall Perry, an interdisciplinary artist out of Boulder, CO, is living a life where art and human exploration are cohesive, natural and never separate. As she consistently embodies her craft in every unfolding moment, she continues to create professional compositions that are meticulously detailed, dazzlingly exquisite and elegantly timeless. Destinata, her newest project, is no exception.

Perry’s artistic expertise developed at a young age, and despite her prodigious genetic predisposition to prosperity (a family of intellectuals, physicists and aerospace engineers), her success as an artist cannot be attributed to any more than persistent ambition, propelled inspiration and a natural connection with art and humanity that is one in the same. With the schooling to prove it and a repertoire of artistic talents including photography, music, dance, poetry, graphic design and production, her skill set is nothing shy of exemplary, and her projects instill her underlying message.

“Art is about every aspect of life…. It exists to connect people to themselves. To touch deep inside and feel their connectedness with the world and with other people,” states Perry. “It has an ineffable quality that speaks to your emotions as it leads to something deeper than words.”

Destinata-Red Moon in Boulder, CO - a good omen for the Fringe Festival 2015

Red Moon

While most would say that writing, composing, recording and producing a full-scale album at the age of 15 would be considered a professional milestone, Perry feels her first big-stage endeavor wasn’t until an invitation to perform in New Mexico’s Gatas y Vatas Festival in 2011. While her performance was a success, and she would return in 2012, Perry wanted more. The following years, leading to the present, would open more doors into a personalized touch on her creative process. Something she had been yearning to produce all along.

By 2014, following the release of Unravel (a conglomerate of her detailed, multi-disciplinary style), Perry would introduce herself, her intricate beauty and her artistic vulnerability to the greater art community. This was a project that would fuel her future as a prominent figure amongst other passionate artists in Boulder and at the renowned Boulder International Fringe Festival.

Destinata -Kendall Perry- The Fringe Festival 2015 in Boulder, CO

Destiny Is Now

This year, Perry is excited to release her newest creation, Destinata, a venture that she states, “was a project waiting to be birthed. That was rumbling deep inside of me.”

While its characteristics, by their very nature, are similar to that of Unravel and her prior performances, Destinata is a story without words, told through music and photography. With the help of musicians, Brendan Haskins, Todd Bilsborough, Elana Brody and Jake Cacciatore, Perry plans to take us on a journey to personal freedom through the truest expressions of love and nature.

As Perry states:

“DestinΔtΔ is the richness in every moment and day. It’s about surrendering and letting things be, and letting go of expectations, dreams (that I thought I had or what I should be) and stubbornness. It’s about learning to live and love, and not having to go here or be there. It is the truest love of Life.”

With its debut in early September, Perry is thrilled to have her hands in every aspect of the project, ensuring that the performance creates a paralleled feeling throughout the entire evening.

“Everything needs attention to mindfulness and detail,” states Perry. “Everything from the lobby lighting and setting up the performance space, to the paper of the program, its feel and texture. It’s all about the energy. When you’re setting up an experience for people it all matters because you’re playing with the human psychology. You’re giving them an experience that they can take with them forever.”

As Destinata is sure to be a success and a must see at the 2015 Boulder International  Fringe Festival, a unique artistic gathering 11 years running, it will come to a close after select dates ending on September 26.

Destinata-beautiful sky, Boulder, CO

Destinata sunrise

However, Perry’s artistic perspectives and ambitious creations will live on, as she feels art is a necessity for the present and future. For her, its very foundation within our cultures and societies can lead to the rebirth of human connectedness, with the world and with each other. And if we value our creations, we can value ourselves and the larger world in which we all share. It must be incorporated into our daily lives, to tear down societal shields, to build bridges and not burn them, to remember that art is something that we can all do together.

As Perry States, “Art has the power to do this.

Kendall Perry Music


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  1. I found Kendall Perry to be a very endearing artist. Many aspects of her style captivated me. Such as her desire to follow through on each detail of the performance, including such things as the type & texture of paper used for the program. Her strong belief that art,as she sees it,leads to human connectedness,leading to the tearing down of societal shields,building ,not destroying,is what appears to me to be the running theme of her work.As Perry states,”Art has the power to do this.” This was a wonderful article and an opportunity to be introduced to a new(new to me), authentic and extremely introspective artist. The article offered a lot of information and helped to really understand the passions and feelings of this artist in a very succinct fashion.A pleasure to read.Thank you.


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