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Homage to the Thief

Homage to the Thief

Gabrielle DeCristofaro • August 24, 2016 • Boulder Fringe Festival • 

Homage to the Thief: A Cubist Jazzscape Regarding Human Destiny, written and performed by Gregg Eisenberg, is a three-part recitation of poetry, paired with composed music played by a different ensemble each night.

DSC_0174 (1)

Gregg Eisenberg
Photo by Nic Bogdal

On August 18 Scott Bears, Celia Macedo and Michael Travers each played a variety of instruments, ranging from percussion to string, with some I had never seen or heard of before. The Berimnbau, a one-string Brazilian instrument, played by Macedo was definitely the one I was most excited to see play each time she picked it up. The poems were written by Eisenberg while he was in his 30s, and when paired with the music he creates not only poetry, but a narrative, adding a unique tone and voice.

Eisenberg takes us on a journey of an invitation written long ago, hand-written, but not on paper. It knew our names before we did and has traveled far. Eisenberg’s poetry is rich with symbolism and metaphor, delving into self-discovery (“Break your own rules to see who you are”), and love (“without madness, there is no such thing”), with themes such as movement and transit, and peppered with sexual metaphor. Heavy on repetition, the poet and the poetry are both self aware, as Eisenberg speaks about the search for the right words and phrases not being the vocation of the poet, and what poetry can to do for the reader, all while showing us what it can teach us about drinking, traveling, and friendship. The content was at times animalistic and transformative, inviting us to discover nature and our place in it. The three parts are well organized and transitioned easily. Eisenberg is an engrossing vocal performer of his words, pacing well with the music, and allowing the audience to be moved with him through the spaces he goes to.


You can experience Homage to the Thief at Trident Booksellers & Cafe

Trident Cafe 2016 Boulder Fringe


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