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Brandon Antony • August 25, 2016 • Boulder Fringe Festival • 

Hikari brings the audience through a journey of nightmarish terror, into the celestial and divine, as light and dark juxtapose themselves.


Photo by Matt Diss

An emotional multimedia performance can be seen at Free Motion, The Movement Center, engaging the audience into the many-faceted aspects of the human emotional spectrum. A rapid approach into the unthinkable begins the show as a woman dances around, lighting the stage, creating a spatial ambiance along with distorted guitar chords, giving the feeling of being thrown chaotically through outer space. The audience’s expectations are torn apart by rapidly shifting images and lighting, as psychedelic guitar riffs dramatically bleed into a terrifying hell. The actress’s change in demeanor alters as she takes to dance, guttural shrieks and moans, making the tension in the room unbearable. Hikari does a beautiful job of expressing the unbearableness, the paradoxical uneasiness and desperation of one who takes a journey into the dark night of the soul. All expectation are tossed out the window as silence fills the space; suddenly from the terrible comes the beautiful, all lack of transition from scene to scene causes an anxious feeling throughout the crowd.


A figure emerges from the unknown
Photo by Matt Diss

Lightness of sound and color alter the rooms appearance from moments before as the audience and performers walk from the dark night into the light. Sitting in the room with unknown feels for such a raw and intense show; a deep bass sounds throughout and an ambience of enormous sound echoes. The pieces Hikari have dissected comes to fruition, as a sense of finality and meaning becomes clarified as a butterfly sheds its cocoon. A collective of projected images, dance, guitar sounds and background music helps Hikari jump through the surreal onto the edge of human expression as they give the Fringe Festival just what it has been looking for: a raw, inspirational, non-traditional performance making one wonder with awe until the end.


You can experience Hikari at the Free Motion – The Movement Center

Free Motion Boulder Fringe 2016


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