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Stories with Spirit: Grimm Tales

Stories with Spirit: Grimm Tales

Jenn Zuko • August 20, 2016 • Boulder Fringe Festival • 

Storytelling is one of those theatrical forms that is not as well known, or certainly as commonly practiced, as others are today. I’m not sure why that is, unless it’s a matter of the general public misunderstanding the art as something only old-lady librarians or tribal shamans do. Truth be told, the art of storytelling is one of the richest practices one can experience on either side of the stage (and I’ve been in both places, readers, so I should know). Stories With Spirit is the first Fringe group I was able to enjoy at this year’s festival, and I couldn’t have been happier with what I saw.


Rachel Ann Harding
Photo by Wesley Adams

Rachel Ann and Cooper are not reciting text verbatim from a script. They’re not acting out scenes and dialogue together. Nope, they are telling the stories, in their words, not because they know their lines, but because they know their stories, and this makes all the difference in good storytelling. They have chosen a variety of tales from the Brothers Grimm that span from the bizarre (a bird, a mouse, and a bratwurst living together?) to the dark (innocently murderous children, or are they?) to the familiar, but not so familiar (a delightful run-on commentary on an old version of Cinderella). Cooper, in particular, has a near-perfect blend of a comfortably natural and powerful actor in his delivery, and to see him walk downstage as the angry, fooled-thrice Devil himself is enough to send delightful goosebumps up the arms.


Cooper Braun
Photo by Wesley Adams

One little thing that I did wish: I had hoped they would treat at least one of their longer stories the way they did their 5th of The Princess Bride last year: telling the story together, as a pair. This show consists of them trading off stories back and forth, which was great, don’t get me wrong. I just would have liked the last one, about the Hunchback and the Princess, to be done together, instead of one at a time. However, they’re both compelling to listen to, and it’s easy to be transported to these strange and varied worlds.

Though you may have told some versions of Grimm’s tales to your children, I wouldn’t bring very young ones to this show (Another common misconception of storytelling is that it’s just for kids). This well-curated collection of gruesome, compelling tales well told, is not.




You can experience Stories with Spirit: Grimm Tales at the Community Dance Collective

Community Dance Collective Boulder Fringe 2016


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