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Gonzo Gear: The Artwork of Gavin Gonzo

Gonzo Gear: The Artwork of Gavin Gonzo

Gavin Gonzo • December 23, 2015 • Art • 

I began to explore and create art at a very young age. I immediately saw the underlying stylistic elements that allowed for personal expression.


I enjoy the way art is interpreted from person to person. It’s dynamic and creates a unique experience for each of us, as it embodies our ability to process the world around us.


Art is a process of thought cultivated through time. As we look back on its long and vast history, we can see capsules of human creativity capturing a wondrous looking glass into our cultures from afar.


Today, it is our job to create art that resonates with the people around us as a reflection of ourselves, our culture and our world…




Updated January 31, 2017


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