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Nic Bogdal • March 1, 2015 • Art

With most of my creative time tied up in the Graphic Design realm, it’s always refreshing when I get the time to work on a project that involves little or no technology. More often than not, that time goes to pencil, ink and paper, but in this case, some planks of wood and an extremely simple pen for wood engraving that plugs straight into the wall is just enough. There’s no restrictions as far as which direction I decide to take; nobody directing me. And I don’t have to worry about a plank of wood crashing halfway through the project when I realize that I forgot to SAVE! ∞


Bohemian submission from Nic Bogdal - Boulder, CO

Wood burning by Nic Bogdal

For me, art is wanting to create something with the only tools and knowledge I have at the time in that moment. I feel like that’s how I really embrace it.


Collaboration between Nic Bogdal and Matt Diss - Boulder, CO - ALOC Media

Mandala Lake

Over time, and through plenty of trial and error, I learned some new things and developed my own little techniques and style. 


Nic Bogdal graphic art Submission - ALOC Media

Bat House Blotter

Share art with the World. ~Geometric~


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