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Ferdinand the Magnificent

Ferdinand the Magnificent

Scott Rowland • August 21, 2016 • Boulder Fringe Festival • 

Ferdinand the Magnificent is an odd-ball, full of life and on the hunt for connection. This one-man performance speaks through disjunct showmanship and layers of absurdity. It delivers an experience of hysterical theatrics fit for the whole family.


Ferdinand the Magnificent
Photo by Wesley Adams

With little tangible pretense for his character, the audience is thrown into a world somewhere between clown college and a cartoon filled with subtle yet raunchy adult comedy. Improv sets the tone, for Ferdinand the Magnificent feels as much like a comedy sketch as a theater performance. Throughout the piece, audience participation is used to develop connection and build character, but only after breaking the ice with an emotional, opera-like song in the opening minutes. He serves the audience skittles out of a Pennzoil bottle then shoots the candy through a hose, which he also plays like a brass instrument. The neon-pink spandex suit, green bow-tie and obnoxious nose only intensify the suspense of his antics. Without a word, the audience excitedly encourages him to lick the unsanitary wall. The urge to test his commitment is undeniable, especially with all props being pulled from his diaper.


Hose prop and audience participation
Photo by Wesley Adams

Ferdinand the Magnificent is a riot! He’s funny, goofy, witty and unforgettably unique. He will do whatever it takes to keep the audience engaged through absurdly crafted curiosity leaving the audience to wonder, What will he do next? Maybe even more intriguing, What else could he possibly fit in that ginormous diaper? Make sure to bring the kids. While I enjoyed the performance (maybe I’m too old for this one), I surely didn’t get into as much as the 6-yr-old at the front of the room.




You can experience Ferdinand the Magnificent in the parlor of the First United Methodist Church

First United Methodist Church 2016 Boulder Fringe


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