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The Dinosaur and the Dendritical

The Dinosaur and the Dendritical

Brandon Antony • August 23, 2016 • Boulder Fringe Festival

The Dendritical and the Dinosaurs’ performance places itself beautifully between the Ideal and the Real. Located within the Pine Street Church Community Center, it is a surreal look into the individual’s poetic expression of understanding the hardships of life. Kristy Ann Brown portrays both the narrator and main character who the events focal points pass through. Kristy develops the show’s rhythm with the help of two gentlemen, Matthew and Howard, along with background sounds, music, motion and camera-angle changes projected onto the wall in real-time.


Christy Ann Brown
Photo by Wesley Adams

This constant change of orientation helps the audience understand the shaky foundation our everyday reality stands on; our ideals, perceptions and dispositions crumble before us as Kristy’s beatific vision unfolds. The Dinosaur presents itself through the unveiling of the human body as both physical parts and metaphysical conditions. Each organ expressing itself as a quandary of unexplored territory, defining our love and expansion with fear and isolation: the medium becoming the message.

The Dinosaur and The Dendritical keeps one enthralled with its clarity of thought, grabbing attention through poignancy of rhythm and keeps the audience wanting more through its intelligent content. From the platonic to the empirical we are engaged with a smoking pipe in a picture not being a pipe but a hand holding a pipe behind a frame, to the dancing of Elvis with a Dinosaur. A process unfolding into the real as it bleeds and breaks distorting concepts of time through a poetic one-act prose. The ideal transforming meaning into a lived experience; this is the act entrusted to Kristy Ann as she wills the audience into her trance and exposes our own


Photo by Wesley Adams

ignorance. The Dinosaur and the Dentritical captures the beauty of growing up a person in the world, as the narrator very poetically says, “We are all travelers passing through this world in physical form.” As a fellow traveler in physical form, I am here to inform you to please do yourself a favor and go see this beautifully poetic piece. It will touch both a physical and figurative place in your heart as both audience member and actor in your own existential experience.



You can experience The Dinosaur and the Dentritical at the Pine Street Church Community Center

Pine Street Church 2016 Boulder Fringe


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