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Daniel Burns: Outside the Lines

Daniel Burns: Outside the Lines

Wesley Adams • August 24, 2016 • Boulder Fringe Festival • 

Outside the Lines will bring you through the haze of a backpacking journey of self-discovery set in the Central Asia region, navigated by Daniel Burns.

Several days of rain on the trail can dampen anyone’s spirits, but throw in a lost passport and a run-in with border authorities and the recipe for authentic breakdown is concocted. Soaking in the duality of his global identity and what it is that makes him him, Daniel flips through a Rolodex of memories and life lessons, all while cursing himself for forgetting to pack his Passport. The self-proclaimed “cultural chameleon” is grounded firmly in his stance of playing an internationally loaded deck but slowly starts to fold to the pressure of a progressively grimmer circumstance.


Daniel Burns
Photo by Wesley Adams

Practiced execution and some solid stage setting make for a viewing experience which pulls you in. The one-actor performance teases out questions of cultural diversity contrasted against the qualities of being a human that bring us all together. With some more development in the form of further connection to the subject matter Outside the Lines could become the show that envelopes its viewer fully. And despite this one critique I found myself intrigued with the internal dialogue queued through Daniel’s well-thought out performance.


You can experience Outside the Lines by Daniel Burns at the Community Dance Collective

Community Dance Collective 2016 Boulder Fringe


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