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April for Science

April for Science

Matt Clifford • May 12, 2017 • Progression • 

2+2=4. I’m with Her (picture of Earth). Frack Off. There is no Planet B. You did not die of dysentery. All lives are matter ( is Pepsi). Science not silence.

On Earth Day, an audience large enough to fill a megachurch diffused upon the Denver State Capitol in solidarity with a nationwide string of similar demonstrations aptly designated the March For Science. There were lab coats in the streets, information booths on renewable energy, petitions, speeches, amplified music, activities for the kiddos, police escorts. It was the right people getting together at the right time to do the right thing and feel right against the alt-right, a celebration of what we currently know: that life is small and short while the universe is big and long and our existence is ultimately meaningless save for the culture we attach to it. They were pretty happy about this.

March for Science in Denver
Photo by Tyson Bennett

And why not be? Carbon and oxygen go better together, a unicell ain’t a party until it splits in two. Springtime hiveminded hyperinterconnection immediately belayed my walkover thoughts so we really have to do this to we can do this to we should have done this sooner.

It is easy and suitable to experience anger and exasperation living through our contemporary incarnation of ignorance. The polar bears are floating away while it snows in Hawaii and museums are built exhibiting Adam & Eve riding to church on dinosaurs with funds raised because Bill Nye is a neobully. Obviously it is frustrating that so many have chosen such a dull, unwavering archetype to combat their nihilistic isolation, especially when it moves to become the foundation for a variety of prejudices. Compounding this vexing, Christians are taught that their faith will be tested by the heretical masses so when you yell at them it is actually bringing them closer to God. Oh the resentment for those who sleep well at night.

There were several signs propagating the only wall that Trump need build is not between the US and Mexico but church and state. While in no way advocating theocracy, in this model science is left on the side of the state. The state spends over half of its annual budget on the military. The military is smashing atoms cooking mushrooms. Most everything we use in our daily life was invented for abetting the purpose of hurting others and taking their shit. The internet you are reading this on, the phone that took its digital pictures, duct table holding the screen together, the LSD controlling minds, ecstasy truth serum, network it’s sold on, the microwave AND canned food, epipens, tampons, bomb and on. To build a wall between science and spirit buries an informed ethics. Where was the lab strike when we started droning children at funerals? Everybody is just doing their jobs, the manager isn’t available right now. Science is silent is compliant twice for storing the power and selling out access. They just want to play like the generals do. Games, there is a war on imagination and hippies think they’re quantum physicists.

Which goes to accentuate just how polarizing this presidential administration is. We are used to seeing anarchists and artists smashing and railing. The past two weekends have seen demonstrations numbering in the thousands centered around tax returns* and science. When accountants and chemists are blocking intersections (with the proper permits of course), somebody is fucking up. Give most Americans the means to pay their landowner and stare at a screen and traffic would have flowed smoothly along Broadway Saturday. How a reality TV personality obsessed with ratings manipulating a fauxnativist platform misses or avoids this point and doesn’t allow the slightest of downtrickles to me weighs the debate that his ascension is dumb luck rather than a criminal genius takeover of the federal government. Ever so cautiously.

The Meteorological Society at the March for Science in Denver
Photo by Courtney Barnes

Ever so cautiously I look for hope. The first hundred days landmark has revealed sinister unpopulist intentions stymied by general incompetency, has brought unprecedented mainstream political resistance, has seen historical tensions rise to the surface of firm lines of conversation between malleable people attached to the team of their ego. It is easier to find hope in these instances from my position. It has only been about 7 percent of his term, there is so much time for them to still figure out the levers. I may be nearer to the last, but they want to come for me and get you.

I am not a smart man and in awe of scientists who are smarter than I am and not smart at all.

I hope we go beyond Mars and live forever.

I hope we make it to next weekend.


*{Ironic side note: Tax Day was April 18 this year, on account of a weekend and Emancipation Day. So many of those who could interpret 45’s return were stuck working.}


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