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ALOC Media’s Top 5 of 2016

ALOC Media’s Top 5 of 2016

Last year, we here at ALOC Media were able to explore a wider range of subjects than ever before, while still staying true to our Boulder-based ideals. We attended and reviewed performances for The Boulder Fringe Festival, touched on social issues such as the most recent election and the events that transpired at Standing Rock, and allowed creative-writing pieces to continue to be part of our comprehensive endeavors, such as “It Tastes Like Pig”, written by our youngest contributor. Pair these with our articles on art, music and conscious community members and it was quite the full year!

We feel that our top 5 list for 2016 highlights our ideals of progressive lifestyles, promotion of the arts and conscious living while also staying creative in our writing and forward-moving in our photography and graphics. We hope for 2017 to be an even better year, full of more art, interesting lifestyles, and enlightening movements, but for now, here are our favorite and most well-received articles for the past 366 days.

1. New Age Fine Art and Gems: The Crown Collection

Like weathered and eroded carbon-based sediment-formed kimberlite, The Crown Collection has matured into a captivating gem faceted in the heart of Boulder. Morphing from its molten pool of hand-made jewelry and raw gems into a crystallized display of elegance.

With the advent of a well-refined niche, founder of The Crown Collection, Ryan Rehbock, is blurring the dichotomy between traditional, sophisticated fine art and the new-wave hype over gems, jewelry and visionary art (paintings, sculptures and clothing included in the mix). His private gallery which opened in January 2016 is a fascinating collection built on ingenuity and artist inspired opportunities…

Ryan Rehbock and The Crown Collection - Boulder's new art gallery

2. Welcome to the Sioux Nation

Winter is setting across Standing Rock Indian Reservation. The Morton County Sheriff’s Department is overseeing the front line while Dakota Access is preparing their drill. Back at camp, prayer begins at sunrise. Unarmed water protectors leave to guard the Missouri River soon after. Are you educated in Direct Action? No? Visit the mess hall and prepare for the day. There’s more organization from the Oceti Sakowin, commonly know as The Sioux, than most expect. Orientation begins at 9 a.m. Welcome to The Sioux Nation where no one is standing down…

Inspiration for ALOC Media - Oceti Sakowin Camp in Cannonball North Dakota

3. Drugs and Other Drugs: Mr. Clifford Goes to Colombia

Drug tourism requires security because drugs induce paranoia. I smoked a joint behind a barbed wire fence and bought blow from the hostel receptionist. La Policia sat guard armed on the block all night long, vigilant like Ronald Reagan and just as good at playing ignorant. Are you sure it’s all right? Sure, I’ll have another. Welcome to Bogota, Colombia, thirsty US prick.

White residue on a makeshift rollup straw – your dollar has been here before. It purchased Panama and won the Drug War. It shot communists with an IMF loan, floated around the peso until they got lower, lower, sold. 20,000cop = 6usd = 1g. Yes, sir, so good to see you again…

Drug Tourism in Colombia - A cigarette to relax?

4. “This is What Democracy Looks Like!”

Less than 24 hours after Donald Trump won the race to the White House against Hillary Clinton, protests started to pop up across the country. While some of these, such as the one in Portland, have turned violent, one fostered a place for peace and respect while being able to express the distaste many people in America feel for the president-elect.

On November 10, “Denver United for Better Than Trump” sprung up at the Colorado State Capital at 200 East Colfax Ave. The official event ran from 5:30 until 8:30 p.m., and the leader of the group seemed to be a woman that goes by Qween Phoenix on social media. The event was less about making any immediate political or legislative change, but rather creating an awareness that there is an ideological opposition to not only our soon-to-be President, but what he represents and what his supporters believe…

5. KMG Life Inc.: More Than a Recording Studio

A rich and diverse community of artists and businesses working together in harmony, hands held across the city, in the setting sun, complete with acoustic guitars and doves flying freely. It’s a picture-perfect scene being painted by many-a-Boulderite, but is a bit wistful at times.

There are, however, genuine instances of our community’s artistic fabric being enriched. KMG Life Incorporated is a new-to-Boulder organization that is doing just that, by not only contributing their own patches to the community’s artistic quilt, but by also helping others to do the same…

KMG logo


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