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ALOC Media Top 5 Articles of 2015

ALOC Media Top 5 Articles of 2015

2015 was a great year! Travis Hugh Culley released his second book A Tragedy & A Comedy. Diles left his mark on Boulder with his craft as a Graffiti Writer. Aaron Angello and Erin Costello hosted Poemedia2.0; A Literary Interactive Multimedia Environment at CU’s ATLAS Black Box Theatre. Over 100 active citizens showed up to a Boulder City Council meeting to express their concerns about stricter rental regulations which encouraged the re-evaluation of cooperative living within the city limits.

We are honored to highlight progression as it runs through the heart of our community. Thankfully, Colorado is full of people who are providing social improvements, refining the arts and contributing to conscious living. So we put together a list of our favorite and most impactful ALOC Articles of 2015! Here are the top 5 performers based on highest level of interaction and post engagement:


1. Perpetual Groove: A Mellifluous Return

It’s been about six months now since Perpetual Groove’s return from a two-year hiatus. ALOC Media got together with the guys while they were in town for their two-night run at Cervantes in Denver to talk about how they’re feeling and what the coming year looks like for them.

Since their regrouping the band has taken to the road to awaken the resting tide that carried with it a culture woven around a widely adored assemblage of songs, comprised over 15 years….



2. A Family of Umba Love

The essence of a festival engages community and heightens camaraderie as all of its attendees indulge in celebration. Under the perfect circumstances, a family forms from the purity of its intention to grow.

Lisa Noble, owner and visionary of Umba, realized early on that selling unique clothing and inspiring artists within the music festival circuit was her calling and the perfect place to build a family of friends….



3. Kendall Perry: Destiny is Now

While the vast majority of us will spend eternity searching for creativity, and conceiving and admiring art, as we merely unveil a morsel of its vague and undiscerned nature, Kendall Perry, an interdisciplinary artist out of Boulder, CO, is living a life where art and human exploration are cohesive, natural and never separate. As she consistently embodies her craft in every unfolding moment, she continues to create professional compositions that are meticulously detailed, dazzlingly exquisite and elegantly timeless. DestinΔtΔ, her newest project, is no exception….



4. Steph Rizzo: Carving Paths with Active Art

A lifetime of learning through systemic thinking makes it hard to formulate an identity for oneself.

Expectations, such as who should be the bread-winner of a family or what constitutes a marriage, have at the least limited individuals from being able to freely actualize who they are….



5. Save A Cone. Save Yourself. Be Mindful.

She got out of the car and proceeded to cuss out a big orange cone. Yes, a big, orange, non-living, non-combative construction cone.

When she pulled up to the parking garage, it lay to the right of the entrance. Apparently its place in time and space, combined with the self-induced stresses of her life, made this pivotal moment the boiling point for this poor woman. The cone went flying, she made it her “bitch,” held up traffic, and in all honesty, made a royal fool of herself….



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