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The Great Perhaps Performance Collective “The Real”

The Great Perhaps Performance Collective “The Real”

Scott Rowland • August 24, 2017 • 2017 Boulder International Fringe Festival • 

As the audience enters the mind of a woman plagued by the experiments of her father, “The Real: a play about one woman’s spiritual journey with cults, clones and government conspiracies” captures the inherent flaws in a futuristic state with unbound genetic manipulation.

Photo by Wesley Adams

Alice Becker, played by Leslie Grasa, is the product of a questionable government-sponsored testing facility where she was raised with 39 siblings. At present, she is the only one still alive. Dr. Becker, who was once tried for medical malpractice, is now praised for his achievements. He calls his mutated daughter “delusional and dangerous” for kidnapping a baby. “The Becker Project”, as it is known by the mass media, is the catalyst for widespread civil war. A million people have gathered in support of Alice, yet she’s stranded, alone, and her highly-modified body is failing. She’s struggling with her identity, and wants the world to understand her reason for saving a helpless child, but she doesn’t feel safe contacting anyone except her lover, Malcolm.

The major draw to this show is the non-linear script, undoubtedly well-performed by Grasa. Director Victoria González has done a marvelous job helping her to prepare for this one-woman performance that jumps rampantly across space and time. One minute, Becker is struggling with her identity, the next she’s attempting to save her brother, Ryan, from a recode rejection and in another, she’s singing “Imagine” by John Lennon in a grasp for sanity. The versatility of Grasa’s showmanship is an unexpected twist in The Great Perhaps Performance Collective’s repertoire. Even more intriguing, she never moves more than an arms reach of her two props: a blanket-covered massage table and a red shawl. While there are plenty of other worthwhile shows, “The Real” is certainly one of the most thought-provoking and unique productions. It’s not common for a Fringe performance to suck you into sci-fi and leave you questioning the future of human-based genetic modification.

Photo by Wesley Adams

You can enjoy “The Real” at the Community Dance Collective (CDC)

Boulder Fringe CDC  The Great Perhaps Performance Collective Facebook


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