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Bossy Flyer “Flight”

Bossy Flyer “Flight”

Matt Clifford • August 21, 2017 • 2017 International Boulder Fringe Festival • 

“Flight” is a whimsical, childlike and impressive whirl of a show. Put on by Long Beach’s Bossy Flyer (I’m sensing a theme here) on the emptied altar of Boulder’s Pine Street Church, the 45-minute-long production follows a crashed pilot and a feminine prince (“girls can be princes too”) on a series of adventures with zebras, whales, and badgers through islands, deserts, oceans and the heart as they search for the true meaning of cactus. (Spoiler: the cactus is a metaphor and greater lessons abound) The storytelling is tight and clever, the players enthusiastic, and the best part of all is that it’s done with acrobatics! And by golly is Bossy Flyer both strong and flexible.

Photo by Matt Diss

A trio of two actresses and an actor, the troupe moves like a single unit. A seamless blur of stretches, twirls, flips, lifts, balance and agility, Bossy Flyer’s chemistry and comfort with each other is readily apparent. The effect is immediately a stunning visual presentation of awe, and it only gets better as the motion continues building momentum and the plot begins to emerge and engage. The eyes struggle to keep up and believe what they are seeing while the mind gets lost in the dance and tale alike. While instantly impressive and satisfying, it is later that the talented display becomes even more striking, realizing how they managed to deliver their lines with grace and a powerful voice while enduring such physical tension. A sweaty slip or misplaced step and the entire sensation could have risked being lost, but Bossy Flyer never came close. The seasoned universe they construct is flawlessly maintained. From there, they can begin to project the lessons they are eager to impart. That it is not only the eyes that see, but the heart. To love is not the errand of a fool or child. That adults don’t have all the answers and would do well to step back from their “matters of consequence” every now and again to be reminded of this. The pure, youthful movements of “Flight” are the perfect means for delivering such a message.

Photo by Matt Diss

You can experience “Flight” at the Pine Street Church Sanctuary

Boulder Fringe Pine Street Church  Flight


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